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How to Apply Lipstick
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How to Apply Lipstick


Lips are the most beautiful and attractive part of the human body especially of women. Lipstick adds the final touch to any makeup application. You do not want it on your teeth though and probably wish it didn’t wear off quite so fast. Applying lipstick sometimes can be a headache as most of the women complain that their lipstick wears off quite fast. Here we will share few tips, which you can consider while applying lipstick.

Applying lipstick is an old makeup as women in ancient time used to crush gemstones for decorating their lips. Applying lipstick is the only method by which women can make their lips look more attractive and beautiful. However, there are two different thoughts about applying lipstick. One group of people believes that lipstick shouldn’t be applied as simple lips look more beautiful while another group of people believe that without applying lipstick lips look rough and unattractive. Today every woman commonly feels the need of lipstick and feels incomplete without it even if going to the market. Even the young girls when they reach the age sixteen feel the need of lipstick. Young girls should apply the light lipstick instead of dark shades that are mostly suitable for somewhat mature women. They can even apply lip gloss only instead of lipstick to give the little shade of pink color, which makes them look youthful and yet stylish.


Applying lipstick or lip gloss makes your lips moisturized and makes them shiny. Lipstick is an essential part of the makeup without applying lipstick at the end the entire makeup looks incomplete. Most women apply the heavy amount of lipstick; they make thick layers of lipstick on their lips and believe that without making these layers lips cannot look attractive.

Applying lipstick is an art but buying lipstick is an art as well. Most women don’t care about the colour of the lipstick while buying it with respect to shade of foundation and blush. Whenever you buy a lipstick it must be relevant to the shade of foundation and blush on that is to be used later on. If complexion of your lips is a little dark, then it is always a good idea to make the outline around the lips with lip liner before applying lipstick. The lip liner used should be darker in colour than the lipstick so that it looks prominent after lipstick is applied.

Most women complain that their lipstick wear off once they eat or drink anything. Such women lips are oily and sensitive to lipstick they are recommended to use petroleum jelly instead of lipstick. Petroleum jelly also acts like a lipstick and makes lips soft and shiny.