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How To Apply makeUp
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How To Apply makeUp

Like many other things which help in the personality enhancement of a person make up can also be the boosting element of self esteem and self confidence in an individual. But at the same time experience and skill is also required to have a perfect and appealing make up , because if on one hand it increases the enchanting look of a female, on the other side peculiar and odd can result in the embarrassment.
Females spend a lot of money and time to buy cosmetic stuff because the current social setup favors and encourages only attractive women in various domains. It is vital to select the right type of makeup which depends upon the color of the dress and the season. In summer usually bright colors are preferred whereas in winter season dark colors are more in.
There are various dimensions of makeup such as eye makeup, blush on, foundation base lipstick etc that complete this interesting nut skill requiring the procedure.


The first step is the selection of a suitable concealer which helps to hide wrinkles and the rings around the eye area. While applying it should be kept in mind that it should not be scratched rather smooth application is more efficient to improve the eye circles and thereby increasing the overall facial glow.



The long lasting effect and quality of make up depends mainly upon the foundation. It should be confirmed before applying it to your skin that it matches your skin tone. It can be applied with either the fingers of hands or the wet puffer.
First of all spread the foundation in the form of dots on your face and then gently extend it with a sponge. Rubbing or application with hardness can cause irritation.

Cover the cheeks, nose, forehead, neck and your ears well and continue puffing with a sponge until all the respective areas are looking even. At the end make the foundation layer flat with the help of a tissue paper. Always remember to move the fingers in circular mode.

After applying the foundation apply the powder on this layer. This gives neater look to your base.
For this purpose wet the puffer and then sweep the powder on your face with it. Avoid the accumulation in your face by removing the excess amount with tissue paper.

Blush on 
The colored powder is applied to the cheekbones which are extended between the base of the nose and eye corner.

Softly apply the powder up and down with the help of a brush. Apply little amount of it on your nose, forehead and chin. It enhances your facial features.