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Makeup removal tips
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Makeup removal tips

If the application of Makeup requires an immense and greater expertise and attention at the same time its removal is another difficult job.

There are various measures which should be kept in mind while removing off your Makeup from the skin because a careless handling with Makeup can ruin your skin.

The choice of how to remove the makeup depends on the nature of your Makeup. Keep in mind some essential tips while doing this critical task.

Spread the makeup remover on a tissue or cotton ball, apply it to the area, and tissue off with an extremely light touch. Always use delicate, gliding movements when caring for your skin to avoid wear and tear.

It is important to use only NON waterproof eye makeup. Waterproof makeup is too difficult to remove without heavy duty makeup removers. If you wear light eye makeup, you can easily remove it by washing your face and your eyelids with a gentle soap or cleanser.

Do this at bedtime and also in the morning. Do not use cleansers with “scrub” particles around your eyelids. If your skin is dry, use a mild soapy or foaming cleanser and then add moisturizer to your skin.

To properly remove makeup, all you need is a proper facial cleanser and eye makeup remover. The goal is not to rub your face raw and don’t forget to wash into the hairline and jawline, especially if you use foundation.

Sometimes many women also use toner for this purpose. Most cleansers these days do a great job of removing all the muck from even the heaviest of your makeup days. While toner will strip your skin of any makeup, it also removes natural oils, which can be drying.

Unless you have super oily skin or just happen to love a product, skip the toner. Choose your cleanser based on your skin type. If you have super dry skin, consider a cleansing oil. Wet the face, then apply a quarter sized amount of remover to the palm of your hands,

Rub your hands together, and gently move them in circles around your face. Rinse with cool, not icy, water to tighten the pores. Water that is too hot or too cold can cause broken capillaries. Commercial makeup removers, baby oil or Vaseline all remove makeup from


The skin around the eye but they will often leave behind a “sludge” that consists of a combination of makeup remover and makeup on the eyelid. If you wear heavier eye makeup, you may need to use a makeup removal product. Do not use baby oil or Vaseline.

“Light” makeup removal products are better.

Removing eye Makeup; as the eyes are perhaps the most sensitive part of our body so they need extra attention when removing makeup. Waterproof eye makeup is often discouraged because it poses lots of dander for your eyes. However, wearing contact lenses, sometimes

It is recommended to use waterproof eye makeup to avoid from the product to come off into the eye. The more eye makeup you wear, the more important it is to use a specially formulated makeup remover suitable for the eye area. This makes it much easier to remove even then Stubborn of waterproof or waterproof products without pulling or dragging the sensitive skin around the eyes. You can use the tip of your finger or cotton swab dipped into the remover with gentle circulation of it and removing the traces of Makeup from the eyelid.

After removing the eye makeup, use a gentle, hypoallergenic, oil-free and fragrance-free cleanser. Do not use a cream cleanser. Gently massage the cleanser on your eyelids with your fingertips. Rinse off. Finish with a good eye cream.

Removing lipstick; Lips need to be regularly moisturized. be sure that you should remove lipstick all thoroughly in order to prevent your skin from becoming dry and dead. after wind and in sun specially the lips get dried. it is much easier to apply lipstick on moisturized lips and to have long lasting freshness. To remove lip makeup, pour a little makeup remover onto a damp cotton ball or tissue and gently wipe in an inward direction, working from each corner to the middle of your lips. Lightly pat dry with a tissue.After removing lip makeup,