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Hair Coloring Tips

Hair Coloring Tips – Since 1909, hair colors have been invented, and are in use till to date. Today every 3rd lady colors her hair. The hair color is not only to avoid old age effects, rather, changing color from … Read More

Hair Care Tips In Urdu

Hair Care Tips in Urdu: Caring of hair is the most important part of body especially for women’s.Hairs makes you beautiful so u needs to take care of them here we give u Hair Care Tips in Urdu.


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Removing Chickenpox Marks

Treatment for Chickenpox marks.

Chicken pox is a viral infection. Most of us are infected with this disease ones in our lives. Chicken pox normally starts and finishes in about two weeks. Home remedies for chicken pox are a safe, … Read More

How To Get Ride Of Acne

How to get rid of acne and pimples, very easy formula for the permanent removal of teen age acne


Multani matti 1 tsp

Ubtan 1tsp

Lemon juice few drops


Mix all the ingredients well and prepare a paste. … Read More

Homemade acne and pimples treatment

Homemade acne treatments are natural, inexpensive and do not have the potentially harmful side effects that some medications have. Acne isn’t caused by dirt. In fact, scrubbing the skin too hard or cleansing with harsh soaps or chemicals irritates the … Read More

Home remedy for skin tightening

Home remedy for skin tightening:

To tighten sagging skin, you can use many home remedies that work inside and outside the connective tissue and skin.

sagging skin have different causes. Pregnancy, rapid weight loss, aging, dry skin and exposure to … Read More

Lemon benefits for skin

Lemon benefits for skin

There are enormous benefits of lemon juice and water in your everyday life.

Lemon is an easily available citrus fruit in almost everywhere. Lemon contains vitamin C that increases beauty of skin. It is use in many dishes as well … Read More

Natural Skin Care Tips

The surface of the skin must be kept clean and moist in order to protect them from the harmful effects of sun, wind and pollution. It must therefore constantly be fed moisture and Maintain a gentle cleaning. Always remember that … Read More

Face Cleansing Tips

How to cleanse, moisturize, exfoliate and protect skin from sun damage. 

from the right way to cleanse your face, to the best moisturizers and sunscreens.

Its not difficult to take care of your skin, it needs a little effort. Its all depends on how … Read More

Acne and wrinkles

Acne on face is a very common skin problem. Here are some effective remedies to remove acne:

1: Prepare the mixture of honey and cinnamon powder together. Apply this paste before you go to bed and wash off the face … Read More

How to Skin Care

Skin care with various beauty tips related to changing eating and drinking habits and also related to make up and facial beauty

To follow the following tips all types of skin remain fresh.

1: Add one teaspoon of honey in … Read More

Causes of dark circles under eyes

Most common causes of dark circles under eyes in Urdu.The causes of dark circles under eyes and how do we get rid of dark circles under eyes? Well the first step of course is to get know the problem.And also … Read More

Eye disease urdu

Some useful tips in urdu for the care of your eyes, all tips are natural and harmless.Home remedies for eye health and eye care. Natural treatment for eye diseases.

Eyes are most sensitive part of our body. Our vision is … Read More

Dark circles under eyes

Dark circles under eyes indicate extreme tiredness or sickness and these circles. These under eyes circle fade your face impression, that’s way the person having under eyes circle are depressed. It is tough job to clear these circles because circles appear gradually with … Read More

How To Care Eyes Urdu

Get all the answers for every question about dark circle under the eyes.

Eye wash is the most important thing one should go for. You should wash your eyes at a regular interval of should sprinkle cold water in your eyes in … Read More