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Removing Chickenpox Marks
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Removing Chickenpox Marks

Treatment for Chickenpox marks.

Chicken pox is a viral infection. Most of us are infected with this disease ones in our lives. Chicken pox normally starts and finishes in about two weeks. Home remedies for chicken pox are a safe, effective way of treating a virus.


  • Avoid touching your pockmarks with dirty hands or avoid touching them altogether.
  • Drink lots of water to prevent dehydration. Also, drink fresh juices.
  • Try to sleep in a single position by placing pillows on both sides of your body to help minimize the accidental removal of scabs when sleeping.
  • Keeping nails cut short and hands clean, as bacteria found under fingernails can infect open skin lesions
  • Do not remove or pick at your scabs, and do not scratch them.


  • Lemon juice has whitening and healing properties that can also be useful for treating chicken pox scars and minimizing them.
  • Brown vinegar may be added in the amount of ½ cup to warm bathwater. Using this solution of brown vinegar likely will relieve itching. This treatment is widely used and effective as well.
  • Fill the bath tub with cool water and add ginger to it, take a 30 minute bath. This helps stop the itching.
  • Coat chicken-pox scars liberally in honey once a day.
  • Cocoa butter also has properties that promote healing and scar reduction. Use this on your scars as well.
  • Rub raw garlic on your chicken-pox scars at night.
  • If your scars are very old, rub coconut oil on them every morning.
  • Apply any talcum powderif the itching is unbearable but don’t scratch the rashes with nails. For these purposes trim your nails very short during the time you have chicken pox.
  • Baking soda mixed in a glass of water and then applied to skin will also help relieve itching
  • Honey, which contains complex natural healing agents, can be applied to blotched skin to speed up the healing of pustules.
  • Aloe vera is also well known for its healing properties. Use aloe vera on your healing scars daily. Use fresh aloe vera extract for better results. You can also use aloe vera ointments and lotions.